FBJ_final“Jim Nolet, the finest jazz violinist playing.
…highly virtuoistic, superb technique…”
-All About Jazz

“Jim Nolet has the agility and coherence of straightforward jazz.”
-Jon Parales, The New York Times

“…traditional jazz, with a combination of grace, wit and nerve”
-The Washington Post

Jazz Pick: “Jim Nolet…ears will be opened, minds will be expanded and souls will be touched: Make them yours.”
-LA Weekly

“Nolet is the unquestioned leader, but it’s still an ensemble gig. The interplay hits Himalayan heights with it’s unfettered exchange of ideas and David Murray’s clarinet blends with Nolet’s violin like oil paints on Klee’s pallette.”
-The Boston Phoenix

“As a composer and improviser, Nolet swings in a classically romantic way…holding form and content in high regard…fans are intrigued by the delicacy of his compositions.”
-The Seattle Post Intelligencer

“Nolet is a classically trained improviser with a stern visage that reflects his compositional prowess even as it belies the musical humor he exhibits on “With You”. …what a debut disc, in a perfect world, should be.”
-The Houston Press

“Nolet swings passionately ….his playing is invitingly pretty”.
-Jazz Times