Jim Nolet is a recording artist, performer and educator known internationally as a composer and improviser in the jazz idiom. He began his study of violin at age 6.  By age 13, he was improvising and playing professionally while continuing classical studies at the Juilliard School and Cornish Institute of the Arts. Nolet also studied with Thomas Rodrique, Dr. Huber, Christine Olason, Professor Chao, Jerome Hines, Gary Peacock, Art Lande, Al Galante, David Burgess, Eddie Bobe and Rodrigo Gonçalves.

Nolet’s jazz Identity took shape in the workshops, studios and clubs of New York, where his work in mainstream, bop and Latin music circles ensured development of a jazz foundation that is both solid and diverse.

Nolet has performed and presented his works in such venues as Lincoln Center in New York, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Lucerna Hall in Prague, Club Faschings in Stockholm, Cafe Munich in Germany, Club Metro in Chicago, The Moore Theatre in Seattle, and Club Bird in Japan.

He has performed, recorded and toured throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, South America and Canada, with jazz notables such as Arturo O’Farrill, David Murray, Fred Hopkins, Newman Baker, Tim Hagans, Marcia Lopes, Monica Salmaso, Rodrigo Rodrigues, John Purcell, Jay Rodriguez, John Hicks, Marvin Sewell, Alessandro D’Loia, Mario Manga, Adriano Buskos, Charles Eubanks, John Bruschini, The Jazz Passengers, Michael Bisio, Don Byron, Joanne Brackeen, Marc Ribot, Frank Lacy, Hamiet Bluiett, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor and others.

Like many professional musicians, Nolet has also maintained a working relationship with musical theater, performing both on and off Broadway with award-winning music directors such as Diedre Murray and Linda Twyne.

In 1987 Nolet co-founded an NYC non-profit school for jazz studies with guitarist Bern Nix.  Called “The Composers’ Improviser’s Workshop”, guest faculty members included David Murray, Glenn Moore, Fred Hopkins, Eddie Bobe, Jay Rodriguez, Roy Campbell and others. Nolet has presented CIW workshops at colleges and venues around the world.

In collaboration with Brazilian artist Rodrigo Rodrigues, Nolet founded the Brazilian Jazz band, “Arco Voz” in Brazil in 2000. He released his CD “Arco Voz” in 2001 and opened a U.S. tour in the fall of 2002.

Since 2004, Nolet has sustained his artistic focus on Brazilian jazz, composing, arranging, performing and recording in Sao Paulo as well as studying Brazilian percussion. Nolet’s most recent Brazilian project is titled “Arco Mundo”.  Here Nolet presents a core string ensemble using musical language and structures taken from Latin music regions beyond Brazil such as Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Cuba and The Carribean.  Popular performing artists from each region are presented on Arco Mundo, and this recording also features several pieces composed and arranged by Nolet. Arco Mundo is scheduled for release this fall.

Also near completion,  Nolet’s third Brazilian jazz CD is titled “Arco Voz II”.  This recording reprises his core string ensemble of violin, viola, cello and bass with traditional percussion and delicate vocals by popular Brazilian singer Marcia Lopes.


With You (1993)
String Faced (1995)
Syzygy (1998)
Arco Voz (2001)

Discography as Side Man:

Jazz Passengers: Broken Night, Red Light (1987), Deranged and Decomposed (1989), Implement Yourself (1990), Jazz Passengers Live at the Knitting Factory (1991), Plain Old Joe (1993), The Jazz Passengers Live at Vassar (1994), In Love (1996).
Michael Bisio: Undulations (1999)
Live at The Knitting Factory (1993)
John Bruschini: The Way We Were (2000)
Diedre Murray: Running Man (1999), Fangs (2001), Brutal Imagination (2001)
Howard Mandell: History of Jazz (2000)
John McLaughlin Mahavishnu Orchestra Redefined (2008)
Cornelius Eady: Allison (2012)
Seigen Ono: Paris (1992)
David Casper: Twilight (1983),
Rob Brown: Listen (1984)
Marc Ribot: Shoestring Symphonettes (1998)

TBR 2017:
Arco Mundo

TBR 2018 :
Arco Voz II


Solo Discography:

Arco Voz (2001)
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With You (1993)
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Syzygy (1998)
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String Faced (1993)
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Jim Nolet and Arco Voz II 2017

Jim Nolet and Arco Voz II 2017

Discography As side person:

Jazz Passengers:

Broken Night Red Light (1987)

Implement Yourself (1990),

Jazz Passengers Live at the Knitting Factory,

Plain Old Joe (1993)

Jazz Passengers Live in Vassar (1994)

The Jazz Passengers: The LiveLove Series (1994)

Jazz Passengers: In Love (1996).

John Bruschini: The Way We Were (2000)
Howard Mandell: History Of Jazz (2000)
Seigen Ono: Paris (1992)

Marc Ribot: Musical Vignettes (1998)
Diedre Murray: Running Man (1999), Fangs (2001), Brutal Imagination (2001)
David Casper: Dusk (1983); Rob Brown: Listen (1984)
Michael Bisio: Undulations (1999)

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Featuring: Jim Nolet, Arturo O’Farrill, Bradley Jones, Eddie Bobe, Reggie Nicholson

Track 1) Shirley




Arco Voz
Featuring: Jim Nolet, Monica Salmaso, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Luiz Carlos De Paula, Marcia Lopes, Mario Manga, Bill Ware, and others
Track 1) É Preciso Perdoar / Deixe Em Paz
Track 2) Samba Da Pergunta
Track 3) Algo
Track 4) Modo Paulista
Track 5) Joana Francesa
Track 6) You Don’t Know What Love Is
Track 7) Esse Seu Olhar
Track 8) Let’s Get Lost
Track 9) Lygia
Track 10) Samba De Orfeu
Featuring: Jim Nolet, Arturo O’farrill, Tim Hagans, Eddie Bobe, Reggie Nicholson, Bryan Carrott and others
Track 1) Shirley
Track 2) Central Park West
Track 3) Mr. Rodrique
Track 4) Tycoon
Track 5) Syzygy
Track 6) Love Can See
Track 7) Sshhh…Escuche!
Track 8) Countdown
Track 9) Angelica
With You
Featuring: Jim Nolet, David Murray, Brad Jones, Sadao Harada, Bern Nix, Aurora Reyes, David Tronzo, Newman Baker
Track 1) Patty’s Swing
Track 2) Spirits For Sharon Z
Track 3) My Three Corners
Track 4) Madoka’s Organic Jam
Track 5) Reflections
Track 6) Aurora
Track 7) Just A Giggolo
Track 8) Song For Pablo
Track 9) Self Portrait In 3 Colors