Solo Discography:

Arco Voz (2001)
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With You (1993)
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Syzygy (1998)
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String Faced (1993)
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Jim Nolet and Arco Voz II 2017

Jim Nolet and Arco Voz II 2017

Discography As side person:

Jazz Passengers:

Broken Night Red Light (1987)

Implement Yourself (1990),

Jazz Passengers Live at the Knitting Factory,

Plain Old Joe (1993)

Jazz Passengers Live in Vassar (1994)

The Jazz Passengers: The LiveLove Series (1994)

Jazz Passengers: In Love (1996).

John Bruschini: The Way We Were (2000)
Howard Mandell: History Of Jazz (2000)
Seigen Ono: Paris (1992)

Marc Ribot: Musical Vignettes (1998)
Diedre Murray: Running Man (1999), Fangs (2001), Brutal Imagination (2001)
David Casper: Dusk (1983); Rob Brown: Listen (1984)
Michael Bisio: Undulations (1999)

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