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Featuring: Jim Nolet, Arturo O’Farrill, Bradley Jones, Eddie Bobe, Reggie Nicholson

Track 1) Shirley




Arco Voz
Featuring: Jim Nolet, Monica Salmaso, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Luiz Carlos De Paula, Marcia Lopes, Mario Manga, Bill Ware, and others
Track 1) É Preciso Perdoar / Deixe Em Paz
Track 2) Samba Da Pergunta
Track 3) Algo
Track 4) Modo Paulista
Track 5) Joana Francesa
Track 6) You Don’t Know What Love Is
Track 7) Esse Seu Olhar
Track 8) Let’s Get Lost
Track 9) Lygia
Track 10) Samba De Orfeu
Featuring: Jim Nolet, Arturo O’farrill, Tim Hagans, Eddie Bobe, Reggie Nicholson, Bryan Carrott and others
Track 1) Shirley
Track 2) Central Park West
Track 3) Mr. Rodrique
Track 4) Tycoon
Track 5) Syzygy
Track 6) Love Can See
Track 7) Sshhh…Escuche!
Track 8) Countdown
Track 9) Angelica
With You
Featuring: Jim Nolet, David Murray, Brad Jones, Sadao Harada, Bern Nix, Aurora Reyes, David Tronzo, Newman Baker
Track 1) Patty’s Swing
Track 2) Spirits For Sharon Z
Track 3) My Three Corners
Track 4) Madoka’s Organic Jam
Track 5) Reflections
Track 6) Aurora
Track 7) Just A Giggolo
Track 8) Song For Pablo
Track 9) Self Portrait In 3 Colors

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